4 Teams Who Should Target Jrue Holiday

After the Damian Lillard blockbuster trade to the Milwaukee Bucks, all-star guard and former champion Jrue Holiday highlighted the return for the Portland Trail Blazers. Holiday was integral to the Bucks’ recent success and their 2021 title, but trading Holiday for Lillard was a no-brainer. Still, Holiday is an immensely valuable player, and Portland doesn’t intend on keeping him amid their rebuild.

Here are four teams who should already be on the phones attempting to land Holiday’s services. 

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  • Philadelphia 76ers

What goes around comes around. The Philadelphia 76ers‘ infamous “Process” began when they traded away Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel in June 2013. Now, the Process feels to be at its final breaking point, as the Sixers are at the forefront of the rumors to re-acquire the all-star guard. Who knows what will happen with James Harden, but he’s a prime chip to get this deal done. Yes, Portland likely doesn’t want Harden, but in an ideal world, the Sixers could work up a three-team deal to redirect any assets acquired for Harden to Portland for Holiday. There is no better fit on the court to compliment rising star Tyrese Maxey in the backcourt. Maxey is a better player when he plays off-ball and can be a liability on the defensive end, so adding in a facilitator like Holiday, who is defensive-minded, while bringing the 76ers someone with a championship identity makes sense. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Holiday’s defense against Lillard in the postseason? I’m sure Daryl Morey is already on the phone. 

  • Miami Heat

It’s hard to feel bad for the Miami Heat since every star player wants to play in South Beach, but it seemed as if Lillard ending up with the Heat was inevitable for months. Now, they’re left high and dry with a team that needs more to compete in the East. Their best option seems to be re-engaging the Blazers in trade conversations, but for Holiday this time. The Heat desperately need a point guard. Jimmy Butler can’t be the primary ball-handler all year, so with Gabe Vincent gone, a move needs to be made. Holiday isn’t the dynamic scorer that the Heat hoped to land with Lillard, but he’s something. Hopefully, Tyler Herro takes being dangled in trade talks to heart and becomes the dynamic scorer that we’ve seen flashes of; then, Holiday can walk in and do what he does best. I don’t see Pat Riley engaging with Portland again. Still, I would pay to be a fly on the wall in Riley’s office if Joe Cronin asks for the same package he demanded for Dame. 

  • Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets have been relatively quiet all summer coming off their championship, but there is no such thing as being complacent in the NBA. I understand that the Nuggets have built their roster from the ground up over the years on end, but sometimes, moves need to be made to elevate. After losing Bruce Brown in free agency, their do-it-all guard off the bench, Holiday could make Nuggets’ fans forget Brown existed. He brings a team a defensive weapon, a proven facilitator, and someone hungry for their second ring. Denver should make their own splash after the Phoenix Suns added Bradley Beal and the Bucks added Damian Lillard.

  • Los Angeles Clippers

No NBA team is more desperate to acquire a point guard than the Los Angeles Clippers. They have nobody, and Russell Westbrook won’t cut it. If Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can be healthy simultaneously, the Clippers can win it all. Leonard and George are that good, and the roster surrounding them is complete and deep, but there is a glaring hole at point guard. The Clippers engaged with the 76ers already this summer to try and make a Harden deal happen, but nothing came to fruition. Bringing in Holiday would be a game-changer for the Clippers. Unfortunately, as we saw in the Harden talks, the Clippers lack picks and young pieces but are so desperate for someone of Holiday’s skillset that they should give Portland whatever they want. 

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