Nick Saban responds to Lane Kiffin's claim about Alabama football's defense

Lane Kiffin may have already irked Nick Saban ahead of their September 23 matchup. The Alabama football head honcho did not like how presumptive the Ole Miss football coach was regarding their defense. Kiffin’s suggestion that Travaris Robinson had taken over Kevin Steele’s duties prompted Saban to clear the air regarding his team’s organizational structure, via Michael Casagrande of .

"Kevin Steele is the defensive coordinator. He has all the defensive coordinator responsibilities,” Coach Nick Saban declared regarding conclusions of Travaris Robinson taking over Kevin Steele’s duties. He also added why there was a need for Robinson to make certain play calls,  “The only thing that we tried to improve on from an administrative standpoint was gameday administration of getting the signals in quicker. So that's the only thing that we worked on together as a staff.”

Moreover, he revealed how most of the coaches are working together in harmony during their matchup against the Longhorns, “The whole staff made a contribution to it and I think it was a lot better in this game than it was in the Texas game."

Saban and Lane Kiffin have a long history together. Playing mind games with one another is usually how they get the better of one another. Kiffin worked as an offensive coordinator for the Alabama football program. Now, they will both have the chance to square off against one another as Ole Miss football faces the Crimson Tide in Week 4 of the NCAA college football season. Who do you have winning?

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