Eli Manning Reveals His Possible Doppelganger to Jimmy Fallon


The two-time Super Bowl champion was mistaken for an Olympian while visiting a store recently.Former NFL quarterback Eli Manning appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and shared a hilarious story of him getting recognized at a store.However, he didn’t get spotted for who he actually is, which is a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Giants.“I get to the counter and the guy looks at me and goes ‘Are you who I think you are?’” Manning said. “I’m like ‘Yeah, I think so.’ He goes ‘Oh my gosh! Michael Phelps is in my store!’”The audience of Fallon’s show erupted in laughter when hearing this. Apparently, the store owner then began telling his workers and customers to come to the front because he had the 23-time Olympic gold medal swimmer in his store.“I’m like ‘No, no, no, no, I’m not Michael Phelps,’” Manning continued. “He’s like ‘So, you lied to me?’”Manning expressed that they cleared the air after the miscommunication.Then, Fallon showed an image of Phelps up to Manning to see if the audience could see a resemblance. It definitely isn’t the wildest comparison, but it was still funny that Manning was mistaken for a different athlete.This comes shortly after Manning dressed in a disguise while participating in a Penn State football tryout.More Extra Mustard Coverage:Eagles Rookie Parks With Fans After He’s Turned Away From Team LotFormer NFL Star Antonio Brown to Perform Rap Show at NightclubThoughts on Amazon Prime Video’s Debut Rating for ‘Thursday Night Football’